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Heat Pumps

From the Vermont Daily Chronicle:

Thurston: The cold truth about heat pumps


Letovsky: Vermont climate plan unaffordable, insecure, hard on environment

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Vermont Energy Bill

From Rob Roper:
Just wanted to share an in depth piece I just did for True North on S.5, the clean heat carbon tax bill. Please share, as we need to make sure Vermonters really understand what this bill is and does and motivate Vermonters to stand up and stop it.

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The new clean heat carbon tax bill is intended to increase the cost of this energy source. This means the price of propane, home heating oil, and gasoline will have to be artificially increased by bureaucrats in Montpelier. This program is invasive, costly, and undemocratic because it forces you to buy electric cars and home heating devices, with unproven and costly technology. By the way there are no plans to provide the electricity needed to implement the plan to force you to buy those items. In other words, like California, you will be asked not to plug in your vehicle or you will be told to keep your temperature low in the winter, because there is not enough electrical energy to go around.

Rob Roper: Why the 70¢ per gallon heating fuel tax estimate is likely low



Please open the link below to find out how to protect Vermont Students from Socialist, Marxist ideology which is being taught in k-12 grades at the behest of the State of Vermont School Board, the teachers union, and your local school board. Critical Race Theory is not history but rather an ideology which claims that the United States is systemically racist, and its laws are designed to subjugate people of color. Historical evidence suggests otherwise but facts do not stop vicious protagonists. Your local school board was invited to explain at a town hall meeting, their “equity” policy, and what an “equity minded global citizen” looks like. but they refuse to engage parents or tax payers.

We bring this to your attention because this Marxist ideology has infested the courses taught in public schools across the state. Parents and other concerned citizens in some school districts have mounted significant pushbacks to the teaching of this ideology in their local public schools.
If your son, daughter, or grandchild declares that they have white privilege, or do not have adequate whiteness, then you know the schools are at work teaching the racist ideology of Critical Race Theory.

I recommend looking at this website to get background material:
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Please see Mr. Rogers on gender affirmation:

Ericka Redic

Ericka Redic, 2022 Candidate for the US House of Representatives from Vermont, interviews Dr Lindsay on the introduction of Marxist Theory in the k-12 public school system

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Save Our Children (SOS)

Save Our School Children (SOS) is a group of concerned parents and citizens who are exposing the teaching of CRT and gender studies in classrooms throughout the State of Vermont. Known as SOS, the group is a movement to make parents aware and to organize an effort to stop teaching Marxist ideology and Critical Race Theory in classrooms to k-12 students. Please click here to learn more about SOS.

The battleground is our children.  If you haven’t already listened to Dr. James Lindsay, renowned expert on all things Marxism/Communism/Woke please make time to list to a portion of this message.